The Institute for Nuclear Studies

Part of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at GW

The Institute for Nuclear Studies (INS) is a university-sponsored Center of Excellence, organized to address crucial questions related to nuclear science, technology and security. The Institute provides an organizational center for many of the research and education efforts at GW in nuclear science and technology.  Under the aegis of the INS, faculty members, senior researchers, visiting scholars and students are brought together from the affiliated departments of Chemistry and Physics and from The Elliott School of International Affairs, School for Engineering and Applied Sciences, and The School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The central objective of these efforts is to contribute to the world's understanding of nuclear science and technology by erasing barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration. The INS houses both experimental and theoretical researchers working at the forefront of fields in nuclear science and technology, from the frontier of fundamental questions of nuclear physics to applications of nuclear technology in reactors, medical uses, and environmental implications.

Through curriculum and workforce development our members connect with the larger nuclear science and technology community to address the present and future needs of an aging nuclear workforce and prepare for the next generation of fundamental science and technology.

To learn more about the work of the INS, please feel free to contact our members, join our upcoming seminars and talks, and browse our ongoing world-class research programs.

Nuclear Physics Seminars

Regular seminars are held Tuesdays, 4:00 pm, Corcoran Hall, Room 101 (unless otherwise noted).