The programs are accessible with the "Services" link in the left-hand side navigation bar, and allow the user to access a number of features available through the SAID program. Contact a member of our group if you are unfamiliar with the SSH version. If you enter choices which are unphysical, you may still get an answer (in accordance with the `garbage in, garbage out' rule). Please report unexpected garbage-out to the management.

Note: These programs use HTML forms to run the SAID code. If unfamiliar with the options, run the default setup first. The output is an (edited) echo of an interactive session which would have resulted had you used the SSH version. If the default example fails to clarify the specific task you have in mind, we can help (just send an e-mail message).

  •     All programs expect energies in MeV units.
  •     All of the solutions and potentials have limited ranges of validity. Some are unstable beyond their upper energy limits. Extrapolated results may not make much sense.
  •     Increments: The programs will not allow an arbitrary number of points to be generated. As a rule, stay below 100.