Name Research Field Office Phone  Email
Andrei Afanasev Theoretical Nuclear Physics Corcoran 104  202-994-8288  [email protected]
Alexandru Andrei Theoretical Nuclear Physics Corcoran 202B     202-994-8228  [email protected]
Philippe Bardet Nuclear Engineering Phillips Hall 734  202-994-2650  [email protected]
Rebecca Bittner Diagnostic Radiology 900 23rd St. G-128  202-715-4907  [email protected]
William J. Briscoe Experimental Nuclear Physics Samson 206  202-994-6788  [email protected]
Christopher Cahill Radiochemistry & Nuclear Materials Samson 315  202-994-6959  [email protected]
Evangeline J. Downie Experimental Nuclear Physics Samson 208  202-994-3083  [email protected]
Kalvir S. Dhuga Nuclear Astrophysics Samson 210  202-994-0140  [email protected]
Gerald Feldman  Experimental Nuclear Physics Samson 207  202-994-6489  [email protected]
Harald W. Grießhammer Theoretical Nuclear Physics Samson 317  202-994-3849  [email protected]
Helmut Haberzettl Theoretical Nuclear Physics Corcoran 210A         202-994-0886  [email protected]
Donald Lehman Theoretical Nuclear Physics Rice 813  202-994-6510  [email protected]
Allena Opper Experimental Nuclear Physics Corcoran 208  202-994-0723  [email protected]
Diane Schott Experimental Nuclear Physics VSTC Exploration Hall 104A  202-996-8390  [email protected]
Douglas Shaw Nuclear Policy Studies 1957 E. St. 401  202-994-0562  [email protected]
Igor I. Strakovsky Experimental Nuclear Physics VSTC Exploration Hall 104C  703-726-8344  [email protected]
Ronald Workman Theoretical Nuclear Physics VSTC Exploration Hall 104D  703-726-8345  [email protected]



Data Analysis Center receives $1.92M DOE Grant

The GWU Institute for Nuclear Studies (INS) Data Analysis Center (DAC) has been awarded a three-year renewal grant from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, Office of Nuclear Physics.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Awards Grant to Chemistry and Physics Faculty

Prof Cahill (PI-Chemistry) along with Co-PIs Bill Briscoe and Jerry Feldman (Physics) and guidance from Doug Shaw (Associate Dean-ESIA) have received an award of $300K from the Nuclear Regular Commission