Physics Top in GW Funding Competitions

December 12, 2011

In the annual competitions for internal funding, Physics continues to be recognised for its role at the fore-front of Sciences at GW.

The Center for Nuclear Studies (CNS) was yet againg successful in the Center and Institute Facilitating Funds (CIFF) competition 2011-2013 of the GW Vice President for Research. The CNS was not only was ranked number one, it also  was awarded the largest amount for the two-year funding period. At present under the leadership of Prof. William Briscoe and now in its third decade, the CNS is an umbrella of Nuclear Physics activities at GW, including the renown Data Analysis Center with its SAID database, and theoretical and experimental activities related to major experiments at many internationally renown facilities. Our works spans from the Physics of Parity Violation and neutrons at very low energies, to lattice QCD, to resonance Physics, to low-energy Effective Field Theories, to probes of the nucleon with intense photon beams.

Profs. Andrei Alexandru and Frank X. Lee were awarded GW Columbian College Facilitating Funds for their proposal to perform Nuclear Physics calculations using supercomputers based on commodity video cards (GPU units), which are much faster for many of the calculations which lie at the core of latttice QCD simulations of Hadronic Physics.

For his proposal to explore the thus-far largely un-probed frontiers of parity-violating low-energy interactions in few-nucleon systems, Prof. Harald W. Griesshammer won the maximum amount possible in the University Facilitating Funds competition 2011-2012 for individual investigators of the GW Vice President for Research. The goal of these theoretical investigations is to interpret, predict and analyse a host of ongoing and planned experiments.

Congratulations to all winners!