Information for Speakers


The INS Nuclear Physics Seminars are organized by

    Dr. Simon Kreuzer (theory, 202-994-3864),
    Dr. Harald W. Griesshammer (theory, 202-994-3849).

If you have any question about the schedule or require a projector, computer projection panel or other equipment please contact one of the organisers in advance of the talk.

General Format

The regular INS Nuclear Physics Seminars are held (almost) every Tuesday at 16:00 in Corcoran Hall 101. Occasionally, we also have seminars on other days and/or times. The recommended seminar format is a 45-minute talk during which questions from the audience are encouraged. The setting is relatively informal and we like to have time for discussion after the presentation.

The audience consists primarily of theoretical and experimental nuclear physicists though people from other fields attend on occasion. About half of the audience are graduate students who are either already working on a project in nuclear physics or have an interest in doing so in the future. We ask you to include some background material and provide a pedagogical introduction to the subject matter of your talk to make the main points of your talk clear to the non-expert.

The seminar room is equipped with an overhead projector, LED projector with connected computer, an opportunity to plug-in your own laptop, a green laser-pointer, and black/white-boards. We encourage you bring a .pdf version of your talk on a memory stick or other portable storage device. This has proven to be a reliable and quick method of transportation and hook-up. With your permission, we will also upload this version on the seminar website for future reference.

We can connect your laptop, but allow for extra time and have a back-up .pdf file ready just in case. We advise to use your own laptop if you are using a PowerPoint (.ppt file) presentation, due to unreliability when it comes to font embedding on different platforms.

Where to Find Us

The GW Department of Physics is located at

Corcoran Hall
725 21st Street, N.W.
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C. 20052
Phone/Fax: ++1-202-994-6276/-3001  

A Google map indicating the department
and nearby metro station and restaurants
is available here.

Corcoran Hall houses the GW Physics and Chemistry Departments. Its location is marked by an "x" on the map here  or this Google map. The main entrance to the building is on 21st Street, across from Lisner Auditorium. The Departmental Office is on the ground floor, in Room 105, to the right as one comes in through the main entrance.

The Nuclear Seminar lecture hall, Corcoran 101, is located on the ground floor; as is a smaller seminar room, Corcoran 104.

There is a visitor's parking garage on H Street. between 21st and 22nd Streets. Speakers will be reimbursed for their parking fees. Please bring your parking ticket to Corcoran Hall, Room 101, Emily Neagle, for validation.

The closest Metro Station is Foggy Bottom/GWU, on the Blue and Orange lines. Situated across the corner of 23rd and I Streets, it is only a little more than three blocks away.

Some seminars are coordinated with the joint seminars of the Experimental Nuclear Physics Group and the Theory Group for Quarks, Hadrons and Nuclei of the University of Maryland at College Park (directions). The UMd and GW Physics Departments are a metro-ride apart (about 30 minutes door-to-door).

Additional information is found here:

Reimbursements, Visa, etc.

If we have agreed to reimburse you for your expenses, please provide original receipts for meal and travel expenses. Unless we have agreed to pay you a per diem, we regret we cannot make any payments without original receipts.

Please contact our department in order to obtain the reimbursement forms and for further information.

Non-US citizens must be in possession of a valid visa allowing them to receive reimbursements, typically a B-1 business visa. Please note that federal regulations do not permit us to make any payments to foreign nationals without a visa of this type. (A B-2 tourist visa is not sufficient.)

Foreign participants in the INS Visiting Scholars Program will need a J-1 visa. We will provide assistance in obtaining this visa.

Hotel Information

Please contact the Physics Department Administrative Manager, Emily Neagle, (202)994-6276, to arrange travel and reservations. Information for some of the hotels that are near the Physics Department is available below. Locations for the hotels listed here are given on the Google map, Hotels near Corcoran Hall.

One Washington Circle Hotel

One Washington Circle, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20037



The George Washington University Inn

824 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20037



State Plaza Hotel

2117 E Street, N.W.

Washington, DC



Hotel Lombardy

2019 I Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20006



The River Inn

924 25th Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20037